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Cook Stoves

Camping Stoves & Cooking Supplies

Whether your camping out in the backyard for the weekend with your family or going on your dream outdoor adventure, you’ll find the products you need at Nitro-Pak. Browse our selection of camping stoves and cooking supplies from top brands like Jetboil,  These lightweight, durable cooking systems are built to withstand even the toughest conditions and help you enjoy the great outdoors. From freeze-dried meals to coffee, these camping stoves make preparing food simple and easy.

Shop our selection of camping stoves and cooking supplies below!

UCO Gear


$11.99 $7.99

The ultimate in shape shifting, The Switch Spork stores compact but transforms into a dedicated spoon, fork and knife, or telescopes together to form an extra-long utensil ideal for deep walled containers like freeze dried meals in bags. Whether hiking...

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4 in 1 Stainless Steel Camping Utensil

$7.99 $5.99

This high quality 4-IN-1 Stainless Steel Utensil Set includes a spoon, fork, knife with bottle opener. These units are detachable so each utensil can be used separately. They can also be nestled together for compact storage and organization. Whether you...

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Esbit Stove - Refill Fuel Tabs {12-Tablet pak}

$12.99 $10.25

Every warm meal needs heat. With the solid fuel tablets in your pack, you can feel confident about bringing a meal and beverage quickly to temperature. They are versatile for cooking, heating up meals and beverages, and also suitable for starting a...

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ESBIT Pocket Stove with 6 Solid Fuel Tabs

$16.95 $13.56

POCKET STOVES WITH SOLID FUEL TABLETS Ideal for backpacking, camping or your home or auto emergency kit, these small, compact stoves fold and can fit in a pocket. With two selectable cooking grades for the small and three for the large, the Esbit Pocket...

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Jet Boil

Jetboil FLASH Personal Cooking System

$114.95 $103.45

Flash™ adds more enjoyment to your favorite outdoor adventure. Like all of Jetboil’s innovative systems, Flash is an all-in-one design, combining burner and cooking vessel in one compact unit. Everything you need is stacked and stored inside...

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