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Lighting & Heating

Emergency Lighting & Heating

  • Choose from our extensive selection of emergency lighting and heating products, including oil lamps, solar powered lanterns, LED flashlights, and more!
  • Whether you’re preparing for blackouts or any other emergency, these emergency survival lights and heating products will keep you safe and warm.
  • Perfect for storage in your home, camping gear, vehicle, or survival kit.

"It is extremely bright and both light types are great. The beam is great for illuminating specific spots while the area lighting illuminates the area you're in very well."

- Kenny, December 2013

Shop our selection of emergency lighting and heating products below!


36 Hour Survival Candle

$8.99 $5.79

Survival Candle w/ 3 Wicks in a Tin Box, 36 Total Hours,12 Hours Per Wick This is an escellent candle for those unexpected power outages!  During our internal test, this little candle burned over 36 hours.  If you burned it for 3 hour each night, you...

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Camelion SuperBright Light

$7.99 $4.99

Pocket LED Aluminum Flashlights Compact Small portable design Durable Stainless steel casing Never Replace LED 100,000 hour lifetime Shock and Water Resistant Powerful Energy Saving LEDs up to 5 times brighter, 8 times more efficient than regular...