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Freeze-Dried Desserts

  • Whether in food storage or on a camping trip, satisfy your sweet tooth with freeze-dried desserts.
  • Same great taste as all your favorite desserts, with minimal preparation and the ability to be easily stored.
  • Add a little sweetness to your food storage with freeze-dried desserts from Nitro-Pak.
"I was a little skeptical about this one; it sounded a little too good to be true, but this stuff is amazing! It tastes very fresh which was a huge plus, it was one of those meals you never forget because it was so dang good! It also, like many other freeze-dried foods, did not take long to make and was easy to clean up!" - Zack K., September 2008

Shop our selection of freeze-dried desserts below!

Mountain House

Mountain House Ice Cream Sandwich

$3.99 $3.19

Mountain House® Ice Cream Sandwich Craving ice cream but can’t think of how to pack some along with you?  Freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches are the ‘coolest’ treats around.  No need for refrigeration.  This really...

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Rocky Mountain Foods

Rocky Mountain™ High Energy Survival Candy

$22.75 $20.48

Rocky Mountain High Energy Survival Candy - #10 Can This old fashioned hard candy favorite makes a great tasting carbohydrate supplement.  Perfect for instant energy, our Rocky Mountain Survival Candy is a great add-on to any food storage program. Enjoy...

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Rocky Mountain Foods

Rocky Mountain™ Instant Pudding - Banana

$31.40 $28.26

Rocky Mountain Instant Banana Pudding - #10 Can Looking for a way to make a freshly baked banana cream pie with your food storage?  Try our Rocky Mountain Instant Banana Pudding as part of your recipe and enjoy an absolutely delicious dessert! Enjoy the...

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Rocky Mountain Foods

Rocky Mountain™ Instant Pudding - Vanilla

$31.40 $28.26

Rocky Mountain Instant Vanilla Pudding - #10 Can Instant and delicious, our Rocky Mountain Vanilla Pudding is the perfect thing to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Sure to become one of your family’s favorite desserts.  Enjoy the freedom of creating your own...

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Wild Cherry Hard Candy / 6 oz. Bag

$1.99 $1.48

Claeys Original "Wild Cherry" Hard Candy I remember in my youth of going to "Knott's Berry Farm" theme park and going into their wild west "candy store". I loved that old country store and the old-time "bulk" candies you could buy for almost nothing...

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