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6 Can Starter Paks

Starter Paks

6 Can Food Storage Starter Paks

Our six can starter paks are made with an assortment of #10 cans from top food storage brands like Mountain House and Rocky Mountain Food Reserve. Choose between our selection of freeze-dried meat, vegetable, entree, breakfast, and dehydrated soup starter paks. These food storage starter kits are perfect for people interested in getting started with home storage and make a great gift for preppers looking to add to their food reserve.

Shop our selection of food storage starter paks below!

Mountain House

Mountain House Food Starter Pak

$302.93 $257.49

Includes: 6 #10 cans, 43 full meals Mountain House Food is the #1 brand of freeze dried food. A must for emergencies Just Add Water...and Eat! Up to a 30+ Year Shelf-Life! No Cooking or Preparation!  67 total servings Cans Included:1 Beef...

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Rocky Mountain Freeze Dried Vegetable Variety Pak

$232.50 $197.63

Includes: 6 #10 cans, 130 Half-Cup Servings A great way to enjoy any meal with this premium quality Vegetable Variety Pak. A total of 130 half-cup Servings!  Includes the Following #10 Can Vegetables: 2 Super Sweet Corn 2 Sweet Garden Peas 2 Cut Green...

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Mountain House

Mountain House® Breakfast Variety Pak

$405.20 $344.42

Includes: 6 #10 cans, 86Servings Our freeze-dried breakfast variety pak from Mountain House is a great way to build your reserve and let you sample three great products! Includes: 2 Cans of MH Breakfast Skillet 2 Cans of MH Scrambled Eggs and Bacon 2...

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Mountain House

Mountain House Real Meats Variety Pak

$535.04 $454.78

Includes: 6 #10 cans, 102 Servings Mountain House Food is the #1 brand of freeze dried food.   A Great Addition to Any Food Reserve! Includes the following Meats: 2 Ground Beef--Cooked (44 1/2 cup servings) 2 Diced Beef--Cooked (30 2/3 cup servings) 2...

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