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Radios & Whistles

Emergency Radios & Survival Whistles

  • Our selection of emergency radios includes top models of AM/FM, solar, and crank radios that are a necessity in any emergency situation.
  • No survival kit is complete without an emergency radio to help keep you informed about the emergency.
  • Survival whistles are effective tools for signaling rescuers during an emergency situation and deterring potential attackers.

“I purchased this for use in my emergency kit I carry in my car. With all of the severe weather lately I feel much better knowing I have access to more than just local radio stations as with other emergency radios.”

Michael Herriges, June 2011

Shop our selection of emergency radios and survival whistles below!



$58.95 $47.16

The ULTRA SOLAR/DYNAMO SURVIVAL RADIO is the perfect radio for emergencies and disasters.-Receives a wide range of broadcasting, such as AM, FM, shortwave, and 7 pre-programmed NOAA weather stations. It also has the NOAA Alert function, which allows you...

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Solar / Dynamo Radio & Smartphone USB Charger

$41.99 $33.99

This Solar powered small size handheld multifunction radio is perfect for emergency use indoor or outdoor. The unique battery compartment for 3 AAA for regular battery and a built-in rechargeable battery pack. So, you have 6 power sources to use this...

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