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1 Person Kits

These Kits are designed to supply ample supplies to survive 72 Hours during an Emergency Nitro-Pak has developed these with over 35 Years of experience If you have any Questions about our 72 Hour survival Kits Please contact us today! 


Deluxe Bug-Out 72 Hour Backpack for 1-Person

$124.00 $89.70

Deluxe Bug-Out 72 Hour Backpack for 1-Person Emergency Bug-Out Essentials You’ll Need to Get-Out-of-Dodge! Nitro-Pak Exclusive! Disasters can strike without warning and you can be ready with our super affordable 1-person bug-out kit 72 hour kit! You will...

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The Guardian 72 Hour Kit 1-Person Bug-Out Bag

$79.99 $56.90

“The Guardian” 72 Hour 1-Person Bug-Out Bag Survival Essentials You’ll Need During the First Critical First 72 Hours! Be Ready for any emergency or disaster with “The Guardian” 72 hour one-person bug-out kit by Nitro-Pak! This kit is the ideal size for...

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