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Surgical - Suture

Surgical & Suture Kits

Emergency Surgical & Suture Kits

Our emergency surgical and suture kits provide the essentials needed to perform minor surgery or suturing. All the included instruments included in our surgical kits are made of hospital grade stainless steel. While our suture kits contain only fresh dated, hospital grade sutures and components. Even if you don't personally know how to use these kits, you're more likely to find someone that knows how to use the contents of our surgical and suture kits than you are to find that same qualified person with all the necessary supplies on hand. These emergency surgical and suture kits make a great addition to any emergency preparedness, 72 hour, or first aid kit.

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Suture 3-Pak - All 3 sizes

$24.99 $21.99

These are fresh, dated, hospital grade sutures. Each sterile suture pack comes with a cutting needle and attached thread. Packages are double sealed. This is our best deal on sutures.  Buy in a bundle and save!  You one each one three different sized...

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