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First Aid

First Aid Kits & Supplies

  • Our selection of first aid kits fits every need
  • These first aid kits contain the essential supplies need to treat minor scrapes and burns to serious cuts, protection from infections, and more
  • Designed to for easy storage and transport
  • Protect your family no matter the situation with these first aid kits

Shop our first aid kits below!

BLOWOUT Adventure Medical 1.0 First Aid Kit

Adventure Medical

BLOWOUT Adventure Medical 1.0 First Aid Kit

$16.99 $10.75

The Adventure First Aid 1.0 contains supplies to treat cuts & scrapes, sprains, insect bites, headaches, muscle aches, and allergic reactions. Adventure Medical Kits' exclusive Easy Care™ First Aid System organizes items by injury with...

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Adventure Medical

Adventure Medical Kit 2.0 First Aid Kit

$28.50 $19.99

The Adventure First Aid 2.0 is fully stocked for the most common injuries and illnesses encountered on the trail: sprains, fractures, cuts, scrapes, headaches, and allergic reactions. With enough supplies to treat a group of four on a day-long outing,...

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Basic Surgical & Suture Kit - Coyote Tan

$39.99 $29.99

Basic Surgical & Suture Kit - Coyote Tan This is the younger brother of our Tactical Surgical & Suture Kit we offer. It’s not quite as extensive as the Tactical Kit, but a heck of a value for the money. You'll always be ready to prevent an emergency from...

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Tactical Surgical and Suture Kit

$63.99 $55.80

Tactical Emergency Surgical and Suture Kit  Our Tactical Surgical and Suture Kit provide the essentials needed to perform minor surgery or suturing in the field and have been reviewed for us by a medical doctor. All instruments are made of surgical...

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Voodoo Tactical Trauma Kit

$39.95 $33.65

Voodoo Tactical Trauma Kit  This Tactical Trauma Kit was designed by a former pararescueman to be used by those who might find themselves in the line of fire; police, military, tactical groups and hunters. The pouch offers easy access to all...

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Military Trauma Bandage - 4 inch

$12.99 $11.69

Military Trauma Bandage - 4" Perhaps the "ultimate" emergency trauma bandage available today! An essential item for EVERY First Aid or Trauma Kit! This combat proven bandage has become the trauma bandage of choice for military's around the world...

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