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Wise Foods

Emergency Wise Food Storage

Wise Emergency Food Storage & Survival Food : Nitro Pak

  • 110% Price Match Guarantee
  • Wise Foods are Easy To Prepare!
  • Just Add Water & Eat in 15 Minutes
  • Easy to Store Anywhere!
  • Affordable and Convenient
  • Ultra-Long Shelf Life

Wise Foods Company offers a wide selection of affordable & great tasting foods designed for long term storage. They are ideal for emergency preparedness to protect you and your family. Choose from compact 72 Hour kits to multi-month food packages. We highly recommend every family have a preparedness plan that includes foods like Wise Foods Company. Be Ready, Be Prepared!!.

Nitro-Pak carries only the highest-quality, long-term Wise Food storage, disaster supplies, 72 hour kits, 1 year wise emergency food supply, dehydrated food, emergency supply containers, and more! Our goal is to continue to provide the best emergency food supply for long term wise food storage. See our large variety of Wise emergency food products. These products are the best that Wise Food storage has to offer. Great selection of food storage products that you'll ever find.

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Wise Foods

Wise 170 Serving Emergency Preparedness Food Bucket

$279.99 $118.77

This bucket includes 32 breakfast servings, 76 entree servings, 44 drink servings and 18 snack/dessert servings. Whether you're affected by a weather emergency or planning a hiking trip, it's best to be prepared. These great-tasting freeze-dried and...

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Wise Foods

Wise 60 Serving Freeze Dried Meat Bucket

$189.99 $94.50

Wise 60 Serving Freeze Dried Meat Bucket Adding some freeze-dried meats to your food reserves can make a huge difference boosting meal variety, added protein to your diet and is always a welcomed addition. Wise Food Grab N’ Go meat buckets has one of the...

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