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Earthquake 72 Hour Survival Kits


Earthquake Kits

At Nitro-Pak, we understand that being prepared means having the proper supplies on hand that you'll need in the event of an emergency or disaster. That's why we've created these earthquake kits that are specifically designed to support you during a catastrophic event. Each earthquake kit comes equipped with the essential survival supplies that you need to prepare for a major earthquake, like a three day supply of food and drinking water, first aid supplies, emergency shelter, lighting, and communication devices. You may have to evacuate at a moment's notice, so we've designed our earthquake kits to be lightweight and compact. Making them the ideal solution for use both at home and on the go.

Shop our selection of earthquake kits below!


Deluxe Bug-Out 72 Hour Backpack for 1-Person

$136.00 $99.80

Deluxe Bug-Out 72 Hour Backpack for 1-Person Emergency Bug-Out Essentials You’ll Need to Get-Out-of-Dodge! Nitro-Pak Exclusive! Disasters can strike without warning and you can be ready with our super affordable 1-person bug-out kit 72 hour kit! You will...

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The Guardian 72 Hour Kit 1-Person Bug-Out Bag

$87.98 $59.85

“The Guardian” 72 Hour 1-Person Bug-Out Bag Survival Essentials You’ll Need During the First Critical First 72 Hours! Be Ready for any emergency or disaster with “The Guardian” 72 hour one-person bug-out kit by Nitro-Pak! This kit is the ideal size for...

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Executive Upgrade 2 Person 72 Hour Survival Kit

$241.43 $157.70

INCLUDES Free Water Filter Straw! ($12.95 value) Our best selling Earthquake 72 hour Survival Kit. AS SEEN ON CNN & TV News, PLUS Voted #1 by the Wallstreet Journal! Covers 2 Persons for 72 Hours. We developed our Executive 72 Hour Survival Kit to...

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Executive 2 Person 72 Hour Survival Kit

$208.99 As low as $135.70

Executive 72 Hour 2-Person Survival Bug-Out Kit Our BEST SELLING Survival Kit Ever! AS SEEN ON CNN & TV News, PLUS Voted #1 by the ‘Wallstreet Journal’! Nitro-Pak's "Executive Kit" Rated #1!  In comparing FIVE leading internet...

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