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Mountain House

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food

Mountain House Foods is the #1 brand of freeze dried backpacking foods for over 30 years. When it comes to long term food storage, emergency preparedness and recreational activities like camping, hiking, backpacking and hunting, Mountain House is the #1 choice. Mountain House Foods have been recognized as the best tasting freeze dried meals. Mountain House Foods are convenient, easy to prepare and have a long shelf life.

  • Lightweight Freeze Dried Meals ideal for Camping.
  • Just mix contents with boiling water & let stand for a few minutes.
  • Good for family use, solo use, emergencies, camping, hunting, general preparedness, and more.


Six-Pak™ Chicken Lover's Pak

$224.94 $202.45

      Six-Pak™ Chicken Lover's Pak   Mountain House makes many excellent meals with REAL Freeze Dried chicken.  We have created this Six-Pak™ to showcase these tasty meals.  We have included a wide variety of foods types like Mexican, Oriental, and...

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