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Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated Vegetables

Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated Vegetables

  • Produce doesn’t last very long, but our freeze-dried and dehydrated vegetables do.
  • Vegetables are crucial to any healthy diet, so freeze-dried vegetables are an important component of any serious food storage plan.
  • Choose from our wide variety of fresh tasting and nutritious dehydrated vegetables.
"Easy-to-prepare, quick boost of veggies to either eat as a side or mixed in to a meal."

- Sarah S., September 2012

Our freeze-dried and dehydrated vegetables make the perfect addition to dishes like stews and soups, and the ideal choice for a healthy side dish to accompany any entree. These premium dehydrated vegetables retain more of their original nutrients than their canned counterparts and have an extended shelf life.

Shop our selection of freeze-dried and dehydrated vegetables below!


Rocky Mountain Freeze Dried Vegetable Variety Pak

$185.94 $182.22

Includes: 6 #10 cans, 130 Half-Cup Servings A great way to enjoy any meal with this premium quality Vegetable Variety Pak. A total of 130 half-cup Servings!  Includes the Following #10 Can Vegetables: 2 Super Sweet Corn 2 Sweet Garden Peas 2 Cut Green...

Out of stock

Rocky Mountain Foods

Rocky Mountain™ Dehydrated Instant Potato Flakes

$16.99 $15.29

Rocky Mountain Dehydrated Instant Potato Flakes - #10 Can Rocky Mountain Instant Potato Flakes are the go-to potato for long-term storage.  Preparation is simple, just add boiling water.  Add some butter, a few freeze-dried vegetables, and you’ll have...

Out of stock