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Katadyn Water Filters

katadyn water filters

Katadyn Water Filters from Nitro-Pak

  • Most Katadyn filters last a lifetime.
  • Same filtration technology used by the US Military and Special Forces.
  • Light weight for its size and capacity.
  • Good for outdoors, camping, backpacking, traveling, weekend trips,
    general preparedness, light solo use, and more!
“I am very impressed with the overall construction. I beat the snot out of it, and it kept delivering good, clean water.”
J.J. Acker
- Field & Stream Magazine, June 2013.

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Katadyn Micropur MP1 Tablets (30 Count)

$14.95 $13.80

The Only Approved Water Purification Tablets by the U.S. Military and the Boy Scouts of America Purification Method: TASTELESS chlorine dioxide tablets (same as used by many water treatment facilities). Katadyn ultra-light Micropur MP1 Water Purification...

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