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Freeze-Dried Desserts

  • Whether in food storage or on a camping trip, satisfy your sweet tooth with freeze-dried desserts.
  • Same great taste as all your favorite desserts, with minimal preparation and the ability to be easily stored.
  • Add a little sweetness to your food storage with freeze-dried desserts from Nitro-Pak.
"I was a little skeptical about this one; it sounded a little too good to be true, but this stuff is amazing! It tastes very fresh which was a huge plus, it was one of those meals you never forget because it was so dang good! It also, like many other freeze-dried foods, did not take long to make and was easy to clean up!" - Zack K., September 2008

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Wild Cherry Hard Candy / 6 oz. Bag

$1.99 $1.48

Claeys Original "Wild Cherry" Hard Candy I remember in my youth of going to "Knott's Berry Farm" theme park and going into their wild west "candy store". I loved that old country store and the old-time "bulk" candies you could buy for almost nothing...

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