Water Storage Info | The How To Store Water for a Long Time

Water Storage Info | The How To Store Water for a Long Time

Posted by Nitro-Pak on Feb 19th 2020

THE most ESSENTIAL part of any preparedness plan...You can live weeks without food, but only three days without water.

Water storage is the key.

After a major disaster or water shutdown, water can become scarce and undrinkable. In such a crisis, consider ALL WATER supplies to be UNSAFE to drink, (unless you are positive otherwise). All water used for cooking or drinking should be treated and/or filtered for safety.

Over 111 gallons a day!

The average person uses approximately 111 gallons of water per day! Of that amount, 78 gallons are used around the house for washing, showering, toliets, etc. Military studies have shown that troop water consumption averages about 14.5 gallons per day per soldier. Of that total, about 2 gallons per day is used for direct consumption and cooking. So when considering the minimum amount of water you will want to store, start with AT LEAST 2 GALLONS of water per day per person.

How much should you store? 2 gallons per person per day for 2 weeks.

Civil defense authorities have recommended that you store at least a 2 week supply. A family of 4 would require 120 gallons. That would require 4 thirty gallon size containers, or for only a few dollars more, 4 fifty-five gallon containers for extra safety.

How to Safely Store Your Water

The easiest, least expensive and most protective way to store water is by using brand NEW air tight FDA approved food grade containers, like our water barrels. The 30 and 55-gallon sizes are the most popular for emergency reserves. Never store any water container near petroleum products like gasoline because plastic containers "breathe" and can transfer toxic vapors to the stored water.

DO NOT store water in glass containers or in used milk jugs. Also, NEVER, EVER USE ANY previously USED plastic containers or barrels, even ones used for syrups or concentrates. These containers absorb and retain the residual of anything put into them regardless how much cleaning you give them, thus contaminating your water reserve. Run from any company that sells these or tells you anything to the contrary.

Also, DO NOT use pool, spa, or water bed water for drinking. The acids, algae, and other chemicals can be harmful, if ingested.

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