Examining the Optimal 72 Hour Kit Contents Nitro-Pak

Examining the Optimal 72 Hour Kit Contents Nitro-Pak

Posted by Nitro-Pak on Feb 22nd 2020

Without a moments notice situations can change quite dramatically. This is why it is essential that you prepare for a serious emergency and stay prepared at all times. The bottom line is that you need a collection of essential items just in case an emergency occurs. Choosing the right 72 hour kit contents could literally mean the difference between life and death.

Many people don’t want to prepare for emergency situations, as they feel that it means that they are thinking in a “negative manner.” But nothing could be further from the truth. Preparing for an emergency isn’t just logical, but is also just commonsense. For example, a wide array of weather conditions, power grid issues or a random problem with your home could all put you in an emergency situation. In this article we will review what you need to have on hand so that you can deal with an emergency if it comes your way.

Your 72 Hour Kit Contents

First, it is important to realize that you’ll need to address all of your own food, water, security, survival and sanitation needs if a serious emergency were to arise. Experts recommend that you have enough supplies to last about 72 hours.

72 hours might not sound like a lot of time. But when you are supplying all of your needs, it quickly becomes evident that this actually is a considerable amount of time. You’ll need enough food to last 72 hours per person. This requirement might sound like a “piece of cake” until you remember that in order to stay prepared your food has to be non-perishable and not require refrigeration.

Good Food Choices ( 3 Day Supply of Non-Perishable Food)

-Dried fruit
-Nut and/or seed butters
-Energy bars
-Energy powders
-A can opener


-Allot for 1 gallon of water, per person, per day

Lighting Essentials

-Extra batteries
-Cigarette lighter

Personal Care Essentials

-First aid kit
-Prescription medications
-Toilet paper
-Hand sanitizer

Clothing Essentials

-Change of clothing for everyone in your group/family
-Rain coats
-Snow boots
-Extra socks

Special Supplies for Infants/Toddlers

-Baby food

Miscellaneous 72 Hour Kit Contents

-Battery powered radio
-Cellphone charger
-Separate GPS device
-Plastic sheeting
-Traveler’s checks
-Important family documents
-Pen, paper and notepad
-Pocket knife

Monitor Your 72 Hour Kit Contents Periodically

Regularly check all of your food and other goods and make certain that everything is up to date. We advise doing this approximately every 6 months. Otherwise, time can slip away and you can forget all about your 72 hour kit and whether or not it is in optimal shape. It is critical that you make sure that your food has not expired and that you replace your water with newer water containers from time to time. Also make sure that all your important documents have not expired.

Preparing for an emergency is in no way the same thing as expecting one. Just because you are prepared for an emergency doesn’t mean that one will come your way. Having enough supplies for 72 hours will give you peace of mind. That fact alone is enough to make it worth all the effort!