Crayon Candle

Crayon Candle

Posted by Nitro-Pak on Mar 23rd 2020

Crayons = your next survival hack.

Ok, let me explain. If you have kids, or know anyone who does, there is probably an overabundance of crayons lying around the house. Believe it or not, you can use a crayon as an emergency candle when the power goes out.

  • First, you need some crayons – the nontoxic ones are best.
  • Next, locate a fireproof base – a small plate works well.
  • Use a match or lighter to melt some wax off the top of the crayon and drip it in the center of the base. Quickly stick the crayon in the wax. This will help the crayon to stand up right on the base.
  • Once the crayon is stuck to the base, simple light the top of the crayon. Important, do not remove the paper sleeve because it acts like a wick and enables the crayon to burn. Be sure to keep the flame from your lighter on top of the candle for 5-10 seconds – long enough for the paper to catch fire.

The standard size crayons burn for about 30 minutes. I’m sure how long the larger ones will burn because I haven’t tested the larger ones yet.

It isn’t a bad idea to keep a pack of crayons around. They are good for keeping kids entertained and, who knows, you may use them as a backup light source or emergency fire starter.

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