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Survival Shelters & Supplies

Survival Shelters & Supplies

It’s always important to be ready for an emergency situation, but sometimes you just want to have a good time exploring nature and enjoying the great outdoors. Camping, backpacking, and hunting are all fun activities, but you still need the right gear to ensure you’re ready for whatever Mother Nature will throw at you. At Nitro-Pak, we have recognized the overlap between the outdoor and survival industries, and as a result carry a variety of shelter supplies that work for in both settings. The best part about browsing our emergency shelter supplies is that you can always rely on our equipment to help keep you alive in a survival scenario. Be prepared for the elements with these simple, lightweight, and effective emergency shelter supplies.

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Thermal Emergency Blanket - Silver - 100 Pak

$199.00 $155.00

One of the Best Emergency Blankets we've tested. Emergency Blankets are often called by various names: space blankets, survival blankets, thermal blankets, mylar blankets, etc.  Provides personal protection from the elements with a unique combination of...

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