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Survival Kits

72 Hour Survival kits are essential. Nitro-Pak offers a variety of different types of survival kits for different duration's of time. It is sad to see the suffering that exists after a natural disaster or other unfortunate event. Being prepared with survival kits for yourself and your family is an important investment that shouldn't be put off until it's too late. Be prepared NOW with Nitro-Pak 72 Hour survival kits!

Are you looking for an all-purpose emergency and survival kit to handle anything that may arise? Nitro-Pak has exactly what you're looking for.Be ready for events to come with your own 72 Hour emergency kit. We offer several different types of emergency and survival kits. Browse below and select the appropriate survival kit for your needs and be prepared for when you need it.


Deluxe Bug-Out 72 Hour Backpack for 1-Person

$124.00 $99.20

Deluxe Bug-Out 72 Hour Backpack for 1-Person Emergency Bug-Out Essentials You’ll Need to Get-Out-of-Dodge! Nitro-Pak Exclusive! Disasters can strike without warning and you can be ready with our super affordable 1-person bug-out kit 72 hour kit! You will...

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