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Day 2

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Having some food set a side for a rainy day always give peace of mind knowing you will be able to provide food in a emergency.



Easy Meal Security Pak - 45 Day Food Supply

$811.48 $730.33

Includes: 24 #10 cans 2150 calories/day for 1 person for 45 days - OR - 2150 calories/day for a family of 3 for 15 days! Our "Easy Meal Security-Pak™" Provides Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner for One Person for 45 Days, A Family of 5 for 9 Days, or 15 People...

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Mountain House

Mountain House Food Starter Pak

$231.94 $227.30

Includes: 6 #10 cans, 49 full meals Mountain House Food is the #1 brand of freeze dried food. A must for emergencies Just Add Water...and Eat! Up to a 30+ Year Shelf-Life! No Cooking or Preparation!  71 total servings Cans Included:1 Rice &...

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Wise Foods

Wise 60 Serving Freeze Dried Meat Bucket

$219.99 $199.95

Wise 60 Serving Freeze Dried Meat Bucket Adding some freeze-dried meats to your food reserves can make a huge difference boosting meal variety, added protein to your diet and is always a welcomed addition. Wise Food Grab N’ Go meat buckets has one of the...

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